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We are constantly investing in development following the latest road construction technology and research trends.

Construction Materials Testing and Research Laboratory

Our laboratory can provide a full cycle of construction and production raw materials, as well as asphalt concrete mixtures quality control and testing services.

We provide internship opportunities, as well as consultations in certain problem-solving situations.


“Quality stays long after the price is forgotten.”
Sir Henry Roy


Sustainable approach

It is our vision and desire to build sustainable and high quality road infrastructure following a life cycle analysis (LCA un LCCA), that will effectively meet the needs of the community for the lowest social, economic and environmental impact.

Development of asphalt mixtures design based on the principles of sustainability, striving for more environmentally friendly production and reduction of CO2 emissions, observing the quality requirements specified in the standards.

Development of high-strength fiberglass-reinforced asphalt concrete production technology

From 2020 to 2021 we implemented the project “Development of high-strength fiberglass-reinforced asphalt concrete production technology” (Project number: The project was implemented in the field of Latvia's smart specialization strategy - "Smart materials, technologies, and engineering systems", in the sub-area - "Smart materials".

Project was done in cooperation with


Project implementation time:

01.10.2020 – 30.09.2021


We also have acquired the right to use the intellectual property - know-how “Bitumen modification method with thermoplastic elastomer and adhesion promoter” and the related copyright in the program “Growth and Employment” 1.1.1. Specific support objective “Increase the research and innovation capacity of Latvian research institutions and the ability to attract external funding by investing in human resources and infrastructure” Measure No. “Practical Orientation Research” project no. "Innovative use of milled asphalt concrete for sustainable pavement layers".​

Development of Sustainable bio-asphalt mixtures with renewable biopolymer lignin

In February 2023, the company “Vianova”, initiated the implementation of the research project titled “Development of Sustainable bio-asphalt mixtures with renewable biopolymer lignin.” (Project number: 2, Project contract number: 

The aim of the research project is to create sustainable bio-asphalt mixtures by partially replacing bitumen with renewable biopolymer lignin.

Project is created in cooperation with

Viedo materiālu un tehnoloģiju kompetences centrs, SIA


The main cooperation partners in whole research

Riga Technical University, VSIA Latvian State Roads Road Laboratory

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