Construction of sidewalks on Pliederu Street in Kekava town, Kekava municipality

Construction time – from April 29 to October 20, 2016. The following major works have been accomplished:

  • soil removal and transporting,
  • concrete curbs installation,
  • basic layer construction from mineral materials,
  • paving (concrete pavers),
  • asphalt pavement construction on roadways and access roads,
  • construction of asphalt base layer in bus stops,
  • construction of asphalt wearing course in bus stops ,
  • remote profiling and filling with mineral mixture,
  • installation of pedestrian safety barriers,
  • construction of speed humps,
  • construction of passenger platform,
  • construction of a passenger pavilion,
  • planting of greenery,
  • low-voltage network construction,
  • power supply network construction,
  • street lighting pole assembly.