Periodic street restoration works in Riga, Brivibas Avenue (Lielvarde Street – Jugla Street)

Construction time – from July 21 to December 12, 2016. The following major works have been accomplished:

  • demolition and transporting concrete road curbs,
  • demolition and transporting concrete curbs,
  • demolition and transporting the sidewalk,
  • milling,
  • rain water well cleaning and replacing the covers,
  • repairing the wells and lintel replacement,
  • replacing wells hatches,
  • communication hatch replacement with hatches provided by the customer,
  • setting up concrete curbs,
  • construction of crushed dolomite layer (12 cm),
  • construction of leveling layer (asphalt),
  • construction of asphalt top coat (asphalt, 4 cm, polymerized bitumen),
  • paving (concrete pavers 200x100x60mm),
  • construction of guidelines and warning bands (tactile paving).