Reduction of Flood Risk in Carnikava municipality

This project consists from 4 parts:

  1. Construction of a levee (D-4) in Siguli village, Carnikava municipality,
  2. Construction of a levee (D-8) “Pocu-Jaunzemnieku”,
  3. Construction of a levee (D-9) in Gauja village, Carnikava municipality,
  4. Strenghtening of the Gauja coast (GK-1) and construction of mole (B1) in Gauja river, Carnikava municipality.

Construction time – from August 2014 to October 2nd 2015. The following major works have been accomplished:

  • construction of access roads,
  • soil removal for repeated use,
  • construction of embankment,
  • construction of sheet piles,
  • construction of pedestrian barriers,
  • construction of sluice 3,5x5m,
  • concreting,
  • construction of culverts (d=800mm) with non-return valves,
  • strengthening of slopes with geomat,
  • strengthening of slopes with soil.